Oak Ridge: Trail 456

Saturday May 30. Some trails you plan for. And others you just stumble into.

Like this one. Yvonne just wanted a picnic spot away from others given the circumstances, and we went ahead and went down to Clark Center Park. We found a spot away from the swimming area where most visitors had gathered, across from the softball field.
And yet we had a trail, marked with a sign as Trail 456 right in front of us, so we figured we’d try it.
Most of Clark Center Park’s trails are short trails leading to fishing areas with not much besides a number. This trail featured some wildflowers in late May, and climbed up a hill before climbing back down. While we had to cross some logs, I can recommend this trail for one reason: its endpoint.


If you ever want to know the best spot to watch motorboats power by and ospreys swoop down at Melton Hill Lake, this is it.

Before people complain to me, there is some litter at this destination, and I’d prefer if someone was trying harder to keep it clean. Still, the view of the bluff across the lake from trail 456 will always be one of my favorite sites in my hometown and I plan to go back.

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