Melton Hill Lake from Haw Ridge Park

Melton Hill Lake
Me out on Melton Hill Lake May 23

April 24, 2020 No current, no rapids, no destination.
Granted I like routes with those things. But my trip with Mom and a few others at Melton Hill Lake was a refreshing chance to just leave life behind and explore coves, looking at turtles, herons, ospreys, cormorants and mallards with their little ducklings. While plenty of people were with us, they had separate boats, so social distancing wasn’t a problem at all.
There were challenges. We struggled to find a good bank for picnicking and just ended up eating in the canoe. We tried to avoid hitting fly fishers’ lines.

The banks were wild and full of thick Tennessee summer green. But the coves were also full of litter that had washed into them. In our series of good deeds for the day, Mom would push blocks of Styrofoam, a bottle full of water and an unopened can of Mountain Dew back toward me so that I could grab it and throw it in the boat. We passed on trying to do that with tires. But overall, I recommend this route. Go as far as you wish as the current’s not strong. You can always turn around.

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