Rumney, NH

“It’s not every day you get to explore a quaint New England town,” Yvonne said.

With that rationale from my girlfriend, we wandered rather aimlessly around Rumney, NH. At one time an industrial center specializing in crutches — “the crutch capital of the world,” — a history brochure described it as, nowadays, the place caters to two very different kinds of tourists: adventurous rock climbing types and quiet people interested in quiliting and antiquing. All the while, it’s avoided really feeling like another Gatlinburg. It stays as sleepy and quiet as people imagine New England villages.

While I had been in the area plenty of times, Rumney had always been “That place we go after hikes” rather than a proper destination in its own right. And while it’s not the more developed of places, it has its charm and we still only scratched the surface. The place has at least two live music venues. We didn’t listen to any music at either.

If you want a diversity of souveneirs, the Rumney Village Store might be your preferred stop as it was there we picked up local maple syrup and a colorful grateful-dead-esque painting of a moose fishing.

Our wanderings also took us to The Common Cafe a place with a wide selection of coffee, some rather large brownies and adjoining it, the former site of a funeral parlor.

We stopped but did not buy anything at North Country Quilters Sew and Vac, because neither of us can sew.

The town is a place where people seem to take up plenty of other hobbies though, be it raising ducks and chickens or starting a pottery studio, as at Shanware, the one we visited.

But really the best — if buggiest — attraction for me in Rumney is Quincy Bog. More on that next post.

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