Jackie Gleeson’s overlooked statue

I collect the random, the obscure, the less well known sometimes. And just because I didn’t have much time in the last post, here is a statue to television history, we just happened to run into at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Overlooked by most passersby, but beloved by my girlfriend Yvonne Rogers.

Ralph Kramden
I’ve only watched The Honeymooners recently in reruns on our local Knoxville channel MeTV that shows boomer shows, so it’s not like I had much exposure, except from its knockoff “The Flintstones.” As stated in the link above, it’s actually though one of many statues the channel TV Land put up to promote the shows it ran at the time.

The statue stands in a spot where most people are too busy to look at it. The light is too dim to really show the statue off much. Both are pointed out by the roadsideamerica.com post. But that just makes randomly finding it that much more amusing.

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