North of Atlanta

When I travel, my love is for exploring. So when asked to come down to Atlanta’s northern suburbs, without a plan, but with my girlfriend Yvonne,  I figured, sure why not?

Now there’s some options more in keeping with what most of this blog will be. I’d wanted to kayak on the Chattahoochie River, but given it was raining, we did indoor stuff.

Travel can be about things that to a local may seem mundane. H-Mart a franchise of big box Asian stores, focusing on Korean and other East-Asian grocery products, about as mundane in some places as Target is for an East Tennessean, but for us, it was new and therefore, worth a trip. We don’t have it in Knoxville.

In the evening we stopped by Cafe 290, a jazz, funk and R&B club, and what for our region (Knoxville area) would be an elaborate seafood restaurant for a bar of its size. I’ll admit I can’t really judge Atlanta by its own standards.

The music varies a bit by night, but I can say the local performers the night we showed up were talented and the service and food were superb. It was set up more as a listening venue than a dancing venue, but we danced anyway, because we dance anywhere, including Starbucks. And no one stopped us.

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