Other Disney Remakes/Sequels

So I wrote this on Facebook:

Disney, you’re doing it wrong with the remakes. Beauty and the Beast? You got it right the first time. Cinderella? There wasn’t that much potential for playing around. These below are the movies you need to remake or possibly sequel, not in any particular order. Full and complete disclosure: I haven’t seen all of these, but neither will most of your viewers.
1. The Chronicles of Prydain. Yup, I used the original title, because I actually know the books and “The Black Cauldron” is book two not one like you mistakenly seemed to think in the eighties. You want the next Lord of the Rings with a way bigger part for a woman right there in the original book? Here it is. You can make three.
2. Song of the South. Yeah, I’m going there, and I’ve actually seen the movie. The ride is awesome. Just think about if you had a good movie to go along with it. You understand race now and you understand how to make an actually interesting movie unlike then. You got this.
3. The Great Mouse Detective. Not actually seen this one, but anyway, people love Sherlock Holmes stuff. People like mysteries starring animals (Zootopia anyone?). This would work. Besides, you can have the original characters doing new and different things. You could even get Cumberbatch. On a related note: Possibly rodent “Avengers” starring Basil, Bernard, Bianca, Chip and Dale.
4. The Wind in the Willows. Again, I’m using the original book title here, but you don’t have to. People don’t even know you adapted this, so you’ve got free reign to do what you want, within limits. I only vaguely remember your version.
5. Three Caballeros. You could do whatever you want with this. No one has seen this movie. I haven’t either. Just put the name on any remake and call it this. I’d be fine with that.

Please note: I was kinda joking about the last one. As a side note, note that I’ve stuck to things they haven’t done as remakes yet. I took off “Ducktales” for that reason and didn’t include “Pete’s Dragon” which is in the vein of the above.

Do I still agree with what I wrote? The above was a Facebook post.


Way to go Disney making me support something I should hate. Or rather, way to go Emma Watson. I guess the actors make the production what it is. So if the new actors work, they work.






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