Highway Sign Hawk

Pelissippi Parkway, which I take each weekday to drop off my girlfriend in Oak Ridge, is no Blue Ridge Parkway. It lacks any parks other than a greenway. Yet even so, it features wonderful wildlife if you know where to look.

A hawk often perches on a nearby road sign, and I saw it this morning. Possibly it was a red tailed hawk, a creature known for its descending sounding call which often subs in Hollywood for other birds.

Why do they like perching above roads? St. Paul’s Audubon Society’s page  states red tailed hawks often hunt for small rodents in the ditches and shoulders along highways. It’s dangerous for them but convenient.

The Pelissippi Parkway also passes near a lake, leading to other chances to see interesting birds. I saw what appeared to be a bald eagle out of the corner of my eye as it perched in a tree. Unfortunately, I had to keep moving with the other traffic.

So, the next time you’re stuck in traffic or walking along a road with fields on either side, try looking up. Just don’t bird and drive.








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